Small Business Websites Traffic


Small Business Websites Traffic

SEOThis is the second in a series on how to increase your small business websites traffic – You can start by asking for links from other sites, this is obviously an important and well-known technique. Less people understand the importance and how much influence their own site’s structure and internal links have over their overall rankings. Do you want to give a specific page a rankings boost? Linking to this page from one of your existing high authority pages from your domain can pass authority and help the target page to much improved ranking.

Here’s a list of what you can do:

  • Create a list of the high-value target pages you’d like to improve rankings for.
  • Identify any pages on your website that already have the most authority and “SEO juice.”
  • Simply add a link from your high ranking authority page(s) to the page(s) you want to improve.
  • Add the link naturally on the identified authority page using specific anchor text related to the keyword you’d like the target page to rank for.

Usually a site’s homepage will be the most authoritative page on any domain, therefore it’s an obvious choice as an authority page to link from.  A very useful resource to identify any other internal authority pages is  Open Site Explorer you can use this to search for internal links, after searching then sort them in descending order by their Page Authority, meaning the most authoritative internal pages rise to the top.

This is only a small selection of the options available for what you can do with internal linking. For more information, or if we can assist your small business websites traffic contact us here

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