Website Renovations

Website Renovations, Updates & Repairs

Website Renovations

Website Renovations and updates are necessary from time to time. Your WordPress website may not be working for your business or it may be in need of a make over. As your business grows you may need to update and undertake website renovations to give your website a fresh new look.

Older websites look old and don’t perform the way they should, for example more and more users are accessing websites from their phones, smartphones and tablets, older web designs may not display these very well at all.

Website renovations may also provide a better way to use keywords and tags. Keywords tags and meta descriptions provide a better opportunity for your website to be found by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing or any of the others.

Older web designs may also require a web designer to carry out any changes or add new photo’s usually for a fee. We offer an affordable website renovation service that updates your existing website without interruption until it is ready to go live.

The benefits of this are numerous and include a fresh new look website, compatibility with most smart phones and devices and the conversion to a CMS website.

CMS means content managed system which allows the ordinary user to update and add content such as photos and other media to their website at anytime with no technical training required. There is no need for the user to pay or wait for a web designer to make changes.

Users can perform the most common tasks required for the day to day running of their website with no assistance required.

If a user prefers us to carry out more complicated changes occasionally, we offer support for a very reasonable fee.

If you would like website renovations carried out on your website we will provide you an obligation free consultation and quote to freshen up your website and give you the opportunity to take control of the changes your self.

Customer Support

We are here if you need help – our websites are easy to use, but if you need a hand we are just an email away.

Multi Media

We provide a compete multi media service that includes graphic design, video production, professional photography, animated video and access to a huge stock library.

Digital Marketing

If you’re ready to grow your business and take advantage of advertising on social media or platforms like Facebook or Google we can help!


We design our websites to look good and be quick, after all who wants to wait ages for a webpage to load?


We use the latest code and scripts when designing your website, this ensures that it will work on all modern browsers and devices.

Repairs & Renovations

We also repair or renovate existing websites. If your website is broken or needs a fresh new look contact us for a free quote.

Website Design