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Website Repairs

A broken website cost’s you more than money!
Your businesses reputation is also affected.

We provide a quick and secure website repair service.

Website Repairs

Website Repairs

A broken website cost’s you more than money!

We provide a quick and secure website repair service.

Website Repairs

We've helped hundreds of customers with their websites!
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Website Repairs
Website quick fix

Website Repairs & Maintenance

Is your website broken, slow or not getting you the business you’d hoped for? We understand how valuable your time is and can fix your website and get it working to its full potential for you promptly and without hassle, you’ll think you found a secret quick fix button for website repairs.

We fix WordPress websites and websites on all other platforms. We also offer complete website Renovations and Updates.

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, specialising in all aspects of website design from the initial build right through to hosting and everything in between. We pride ourselves on being able to meet all of your needs, whether its a simple website fix or a completely broken website that needs repairs.

Why You Need Website Repairs

In most cases an unmaintained website is how you ended up where you are. Regular maintenance of your website helps prevent small tech issues from becoming major website repair problems.

Having someone keep up with regular maintenance can save you money in the long run, not just on repair costs but preventing any loss of income due to a website that is not running how it should be.

Having someone do regular maintenance will ensure that any necessary updates or problems are caught before they can cause issues preventing you from reaching potential business prospects.

We offer a range of hosting options that include regular backups and complete maintenance giving you peace of mind that your livelihood is in the best hands. Regular maintenance includes checking for updates and making sure the website is running smoothly.

If you are using WordPress this also includes making sure that any security recommendations have been followed to include routine backups.

Another reason why you may need website repairs is that your website was built using a now outdated platform that simply does not work with current technology.

In this case a fix may usually just be a band aid on a bigger problem that will keep coming back, we can offer a redesign of your website, updating it to WordPress and ensuring it will be in line with the current digital era saving you time and money on website repairs in the long run.

website repairs

Identifying Common Website Issues

  • Parse error/syntax error: This happens when there is an error with your site’s code.
  • White screen of death (WSoD): This can occur for a number of reasons and is characterised by your entire site displaying a blank white screen.
  • “There has been a critical error on your website.”: This is commonly caused by either a PHP error, something wrong with your code, theme or plugins.
  • 404 error: This one should sound familiar and most internet users will have come across the “Oops! That page cant be found.” message before.
  • Error establishing a database connection: This occurs if your site cant access it’s database.
  • Internal server error: Often caused by your site reaching its memory limit (cheap hosting) or a problem with your sites .htaccess file.

Getting Your Broken Website Back Up & Running

We know in a time where consumers want things yesterday the importance of having a website that works properly when people visit is imperative. We work quickly to assess the issues causing havoc on your business website so that we can have your website repairs done in as little time as possible with no stress to you and minimal impact on your business.

Don’t let your website or online business suffer from poor performance, slow load-times, and broken links. Contact us today for a FREE quote!

We'll Get Your Broken Website Repaired Quickly!

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