Fully Managed Website Hosting

Fully Managed Website Hosting

Edge Web Design offers fully managed website hosting.

Compared to most standard hosting, where the host usually does not cover key services, security measures, licensing costs, and other essential aspects, fully managed hosting provides comprehensive support with minimal effort from your end.

With this type of hosting, you can focus on other important tasks, while ensuring that your website runs securely and smoothly at all times, giving you peace of mind.

Fully Managed Website Hosting

As business owners are preoccupied with managing their ventures, it’s imperative for them to ensure that their website functions smoothly and continually.

Through our proficient hosting service, we guarantee the maintenance and security of your website by routinely backing up its content. Such a measure will deter the possibility of losing your site in case of an unexpected error.

Moreover, we prioritize the privacy of our clients by implementing a 100% SSL certificate across all our servers. You can rest assured that your data exchanged on the internet is appropriately secured.

LiteSpeed Servers

A LiteSpeed server is a powerful alternative to traditional web servers like Apache or Nginx, and it offers several advantages for web hosting. One of the most significant benefits of a LiteSpeed server is its faster performance, which can provide faster loading times for websites and better overall user experience. 

Fully Managed Website Hosting

What's Included
$ 550 Yearly
  • 24-hour monitoring
  • High Speed SSD drives
  • Daily database backups
  • SSL certificate setup and installed
  • High performance Litespeed servers
  • Update Plugins, Themes And WordPress Files
  • Test And Check Website For Integrity & Bugs
  • Test And Check Website Links - Contact Forms
  • Add Or Edit Basic Content - 15 mins per month
  • Hardened website security to prevent hackers etc
  • Full Monthly Backups To Secure Cloud Server (Offsite)
  • *Includes annual licence for any software/plugins/page builders used on website (AU$ 310.00 per year)
  • *Includes annual licence/copyright fee for used stock images on website

We'll Keep Your Website Running Smoothly!

Customer Support

We are here if you need help – our websites are easy to use, but if you need a hand we are just an email away.

Multi Media

We provide a compete multi media service that includes graphic design, video production, professional photography, animated video and access to a huge stock library.

Digital Marketing

If you’re ready to grow your business and take advantage of advertising on social media or platforms like Facebook or Google we can help!


We design our websites to look good and be quick, after all who wants to wait ages for a webpage to load?


We use the latest code and scripts when designing your website, this ensures that it will work on all modern browsers and devices.

Repairs & Renovations

We also repair or renovate existing websites. If your website is broken or needs a fresh new look contact us for a free quote.

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