Hosting a WordPress Website


Hosting a WordPress website requires some planning and thought. For example, how is the website going to be used and how much traffic will it receive? – these are some of the factors that will determine the level of resources you will require from a host.

E commerce websites are more hungry on resources and will usually require more than most websites, especially if you have a lot of products and modules or plugins installed.

If you are not familiar with web hosting, there are many different packages and options available all offering different levels of support and resources.

Web Hosting Resources

Resources are the amount memory, type and number of CPU’s or processors and disk space that are available for your website. If your website is using more resources than your package allows for it will be very slow and may even experience downtime.

Determining the resources that are required will ensure that your website runs smoothly and loads quickly for your visitors, this is not only a good thing for the users experience but it also has a positive affect on your SEO.

Having extra resources when hosting a WordPress website is a good strategy for future development or when you experience high traffic due to a promotion or simply because your website or blog is becoming more popular.

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