WordPress Websites Sunshine Coast


WordPress Websites Sunshine Coast

Wordpress Websites Sunshine CoastWordPress Websites Sunshine Coast – Have you heard of WordPress? If you haven’t, or if would like to know more about WordPress websites please read on..

What is WordPress? It is a free open source blogging software and dynamic content management system that is based on PHP and MySql.

Over 72.4 million websites use WordPress, this makes it the most popular and widely used CMS available. In 2011 a staggering 14.7% of the top 1000 000 websites were using the WordPress framework. 389 million people view 3.6 billion pages each month.

Can WordPress be used for a business website? Yes, it is used by some of the biggest corporations including Honda, Ford, NASA, BBC Top Gear and others.

It is also used widely by small to medium enterprises and has rapidly become a cost effective solution for small businesses who want a website with a CMS.

WordPress Websites Sunshine Coast

Why are WordPress websites specifically attractive to Sunshine Coast business owners? Quite simply the Sunshine Coast is home to a growing number of diverse businesses, and a lot of these are SME’s or small to medium enterprises.

WordPress is probably the most cost effective solution for a business website that has a powerful CMS capability, this is obviously attractive to small business owners on the Sunshine Coast as they have access to the same framework as large corporations.

We have built and developed a growing number of successful WordPress business websites on the Sunshine Coast for small and medium sized businesses.

Why are WordPress websites so popular? Although I can’t list all of the reasons, some that would have a positive impact on a business website are listed below:

  • You can update and maintain the content yourself.
  • WordPress is extremely SEO friendly, meaning that you have a better chance of ranking on Google or any of the other search engines.
  • There are a growing number of free plugins or modules available to enhance your WordPress business website.
  • The WordPress framework is free, this allows access to a database driven CMS at a fraction of the cost for other CMS.
  • WordPress has a growing community of front end specialist and designers who customise the look and functionality of your WordPress business website to suit your industry.

To further elaborate on the above mentioned points, WordPress has given business owners the opportunity to update their own website when new products or services are introduced.

There is no need to rely on calling a third party to add a new product or photo. This allows for a quick and cost effective way to alert visitors to your business website of a new product, service or even a special offer.

SEO friendly web design

SEOSEO is vital to your business website – without delving into the complexity of search engine optimisation, it is safe to say that WordPress is very well suited to positive SEO.

There are a number very useful SEO plugins or modules available, these were created specifically for WordPress websites and allow for insertion of keyword rich titles, descriptions and meta descriptions. Plugins like Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin provides a visual analysis with the opportunity to refine the copy and content to allow for maximum SEO

Free plugins or modules can offer added functionality to your WordPress business website. For example a contact form with the ability to auto respond whilst sending the users data to your email directly can be customised to suit your needs.

There are a number plugins that can be used for promoting your business through social media and on page promotions.

WordPress is free to download and install, which means you are not paying for the costly development of  a database driven content managed website.

WordPress allows for the use of themes to customise the look of your website, web designers or front end specialists provide custom themes that are built for your specific business websites needs.

These themes are essentially set of folders and associated web files, usually contained in a zip file which is installed into your WordPress installation. The folders contain all of the necessary graphics, photographs and customised web files that allow your website to be unique.

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