WordPress Scheduled Backup And Update Service

WordPress Backup And Update Service

WordPress Scheduled Backup And Update Service

Applying updates is critical for your website security, and should be considered a part of your ongoing routine maintenance. Whilst just clicking the update button is easy, it should be pointed out that you should Always back up your database and files first! 

Having these backups allows you to restore your website quickly and easily if the update process has an issue. This is a far better option than just clicking update and then finding out all your hard work has disappeared!

If you are comfortable backing up your database and files then you can update your own website, if not we offer a reasonably priced service. (see below)

WordPress Website Update & Backup Service

If you are a business owner you probably invested quite a bit of time and money into your business website. Keeping your WordPress website updated with the current release is the safest way to avoid being hacked.

Having regular backups for a business website is essential, a backup isn’t considered very valuable until you need it!

Ask any business owner who has lost their website due to hackers, hosting issues or other mishaps and they will quickly tell you how much stress and financial cost it can cause. It can often mean re -building the website and entering all of the information and data again.

If you have an eCommerce website or are storing customers details in a database you will quickly realise how valuable your backups are.

With our Annual WordPress Website Update & Backup Service you have peace of mind knowing that every month we will take a backup of the Word Press installation, all the associated files (images graphics etc..) as well as the database – this backup will stored both on your server and an additional copy will be stored off site on our cloud servers for added security and peace of mind.

Should the need arise, we can quickly restore your WordPress website using the latest backup.

Our affordable annual service package provides 12 monthly WordPress backups/updates and includes updating your plugins at a cost of $270 per year – that’s only $22.50 per month! Please fill out the simple form and we will contact you to set up your package or order online now – see below.

*Some paid plugins may require you to provide the licence details.
**Note – any information added to the website in between the backups will be lost – however, should you require more frequent backups we can offer this on request.

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