WordPress Backup And Update Service

WordPress Backup And Update Service

WordPress Backup And Update Service

WordPress is probably the most used CMS platform in the world today, it is used by WordPress Backupsmillions of businesses and bloggers.

Because it is so popular it also gains a lot of unwanted attention from hackers and other undesirable people who want to take over your website for spamming or to gain information about your customers etc..

No one want to be exposed to this, and that is one of the reasons why the WordPress developers release updates to their core files. I for one, am very grateful that they are so proactive when it comes to security.

WordPress Plugins

The plugins that are used by WordPress websites should also be updated to the latest versions for the same security reasons.
Applying updates is critical for your website security, and should be considered a part of your ongoing routine maintenance. Whilst just clicking the update button is easy, it should be pointed out that you should Always back up your database and files first!

Having these backups allows you to restore your website quickly and easily if the update process has an issue. This is a far better option than just clicking update and then finding out all your hard work has disappeared!

If you are comfortable backing up your database and files then you can update your own website, if not we offer a reasonably priced service. (see below)

Just want your WordPress website updated and backed up once? We can do that, please see our once off package below:

WordPress Backup Service – Is your website worth more than $85?

For only $85 we offer to take the risk and stress out of these updates by taking a full back up of your website, including the database.

We then take care of updating your WordPress core files and *plugins for you.

*Some paid plugins will require you to provide the licence details.

Once the updates are complete, your website is tested and another complete set of back up files are taken and stored offsite.

To use our convenient update service, simply click the add to cart button and pay with PayPal.

Business Owners РWe also offer an affordable, scheduled package which provides updates and backups every month. This package is highly recommended and suitable for all businesses owners who want the peace of mind knowing their website is kept up to date, and backed up. Protect your investment for only $22.50 per month