Why your small business needs a website

Why your small business needs a website

Why your small business needs a website

Australians are using the internet in increasing numbers, in fact 80% go online everyday. 50% of all Australian small businesses do not have a website, this is despite an upward trend in online related spending.

Over 90% of Australian businesses have internet access, however small businesses have not taken the opportunity to embrace this technology. This is a shame as they are missing out on the potential to reach millions of people for a relatively small cost.

Large businesses have already capitalised on the power of having a website, over 97% of these businesses have a website compared to approx 42% for small businesses.

It’s no secret that small businesses don’t have the advertising budget or branding power of their larger counterparts, which is why your small business needs a website.

Having the ability to potentially reach millions of people and let them know about about your products or services 24 hours a day 365 days a year on a global scale is within easy reach.

High conversion websites for small business

Well designed websites are an invaluable asset for small business owners as they provide a portal for your potential customers to find out more about your business. Think of a website as a digital shopfront, it can help customers to learn about your products and services, or simply find your phone number or street address.

No matter what your small business does, having a website can provide you with a constant stream of leads and customers. How often do you look for take away food? A take away business owner may think they don’t need a website, this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Picture this scene, your potential customer is looking online for take away food – you don’t have a website, so they find your competitor! If you did have a website your customer would know you exist, could view your menu, contact you by phone and place an order, find you easily with a map on your website.

This scenario could be applied to any business and your website could even be set up to offer an incentive for returning customers or special offers to encourage buying from you instead of your competitors.

analysisHaving information available on your website is not only useful for your customers but it actually can save you time by allowing the customer to find out more about your products and services before contacting you. Remember the take away with an online menu? Instead of spending time telling your customer what you have available on the phone, they could simply call up and order.

This is good service for your customer and saves you valuable time.

Websites also allow small businesses to track their customers behavior, this type of in depth analysis used to be restricted to large businesses only. Users to your website unknowingly provide a valuable insight into what they are looking for or what they like most, this can be achieved using current web technology that lets you track which products or services are most popular and best for your business based on past history.

If you are a small business owner now is the time to build a website and secure your online presence.

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