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Wedding Business Websites Sunshine Coast | Web Design

Wedding business websites Sunshine Coast – We have created websites for a growing number of clients from very different types of business, which has been both exciting and informative.

The rapid growth in certain types of industry has meant that we as web designers have to be able to identify with the target market of our clients and apply our skills as web designers to ensure the websites we build are effective tools for our customers.

Wedding business websites

For example, the wedding industry has experienced huge growth in the Sunshine Coast region and means that we need to provide websites catering to that particular area of the market. This particular area of business is unique as the website design is targeted towards a specific user.

Most of the time the planning of the wedding is in the hands of the bride to be, therefore we are aiming at a feminine type of market. The use of powerful and emotive wedding photography coupled with graphic design that entices female users to dig deeper and explore the website is one of our objectives.

makeup-artist-web-designBy showing website visitors strong images that make them feel good, allowing them to be transported to a place where they can imagine their own special day, which will lead them to associate even more with your business website.

Not all wedding business websites are the same, some sell products and others sell services. There are also some wedding businesses that sell both, this is where we need to identify who we are dealing with.

If your business is selling cuff links, suits, tuxedos, ties or provides a hire service for menswear then we can safely assume we should be aiming at men right? Not always – it’s a good idea to speak to the client about who usually makes the first call. If it’s the bride to be then we would have a better idea as to who is doing the research.


Web design for wedding businesses

wedding web designIf we built a website for menswear with floral and feminine touches that wouldn’t work! Finding a balance is what we would try and achieve by applying the following methodology.

  • How would the bride imagine her groom on their wedding day – She’s usually the first one to look
  • What would the groom want to look like on his special day – He’s shown what she likes & sees other images he associates with

This may seem simple but think about it, the bride to be will usually do the research first. If she sees an emotive photo of a well dressed bride and groom taking her to that place I mentioned earlier, where she imagines herself on that special day, it enhances her association with your business.

Next step, she shows her groom to be the website so he can give his approval, when he looks and sees other photographs that are more masculine in nature he will associate with your business as well. This illustrates that the use of specific graphics and photographs can make a difference to how your potential customers will associate with your business.

This is only a brief idea outline and obviously does not cover all the aspects of a wedding business website. Please contact us for more information about your wedding business websites.



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