Website Updating

website updating

Website Updating

Website Updating or website renovations may sound the same, but can mean different things to individual business website owners.

For example website updating involves changing the content of an existing website to reflect updated information like new prices or products. Whilst website renovations are more to do with the structure, design and content of a website as a whole.

For most business owners updating their website can be a tedious task if they are not using a content managed Website Repairssystem or CMS as it is commonly known. They will rely on having a web designer make the changes for them at a cost, or spending more time than they should trying to work out how to make the changes themselves instead of focusing on running their business.

If you want your website updated in the sense that it needs a make over so that it is given a fresh new look we would call that a website renovation, for more information on that please see this

If your website does not use the content managed system, which allows users to update and make changes themselves with no technical training we are able to convert it. During the conversion we can redesign the website and give it a fresh new look or retain the look and feel of your existing business website.

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