Website Renovations and Makeovers


Website Renovations and Makeovers

Increase your sales potential for as little as $375

Website Renovations and MakeoversHave you considered website renovations and makeovers for your website? If you haven’t updated your business website for a while, you should consider a few facts:

  • Websites are like shop fronts, if you don’t give them a fresh new look from time to time your customers get bored and “walk” right past.
  • Does your website reflect your business? Most businesses go through changes, but if they are not included on your website, your customers may not know about new products or services.
  • Have you updated your contact details, logo or graphics? If you have, they should be on your website so that your customers can recognise your brand and contact you easily.
  • Is your content still appropriate and does it encourage visitors to convert to buyers? Content is king, you must be clear about what you are offering and it’s value.

Simply having a website doesn’t guarantee you will attract good leads from it, in fact having a poorly designed website can be detrimental to your business.

Update your website or lose business

If your website is slow or looks dated you could be sending your customers away to look for your competitors.

Does your website answer the questions your potential customers are looking for and do have a means of capturing their information in a meaningful way so as to generate good leads?

Having the right information on your home page is essential for SEO and for converting visitors to good leads. This information should be easy to see and should always be supported by good photos, illustrations or graphics.

Images – 90% of information transmitted to our brains is visual, this information is actually processed 60,000 times faster than text. Matching your images with your products is essential, for example if you are offering a range of fishing tackle a photo of a family fishing would instantly convey a message to your user.

The message isn’t simply fishing but it also communicates other signals, family and good times. This means the visitor may now consider more than just some new tackle, but also some fishing rods and tackle for the family.

You can see from this example that something as simple as using the right image in the right place on your website can lead to a potential sale with an add on.

The use of colours and appropriate graphics is another major factor which we consider, some colours are better suited to certain types of business than others, and professionally created graphics targeted at specific types of clients are equally important .

If you found the information on this post useful and would like an obligation free analysis of your website please contact us. 

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