Webdesign really is affordable


Webdesign really is affordable

Webdesign really is affordable!

affordable-webdesignWebdesign really is affordable! Consider the cost of print advertising and then you might understand where I’m coming from.

Today we received an e-mail offering us the opportunity to advertise in a well known Brisbane publication.

The price for a quarter page 144 mm x 129 mm advert costs $3,223.00.

There are a few things to consider here – firstly I am not bashing the people who sell print advertising, but merely pointing out that it is far more cost effective to invest in a well designed website.

I am basing my comparisons on a custom website designed by us and an approximate price – obviously variations need to be considered based on the individual requirements for specific businesses.

The facts are quite simple:

  • Your customer can engage with you immediately from within your website – this cannot be done using print.
  • Your print advert is only likely to be around for a week before it is discarded or shoved in a magazine rack.
  • Your website is there forever, unless you turn it off!
  • The cost of a well designed website from our studio is usually far less than the small advert I mentioned before – so surely it’s a better financial decision to spend your money on a website?
  • The distribution of print simply cannot compare to a website and if the magazine or newspaper is delivered in the rain, it often gets chucked out because it’s wet!
  • How often, when you need a product or service, is Google the first place most of us look?
  • Having a website that is available to anyone, anytime and from anywhere in the world has got to be a better investment than $3200.00 on an ad that reaches a limited amount of readers.

Qualified website visitors

When a user searches for a product using Google or any other search engine, they are being specific about what they are looking for. If your website returns a result, they visit your website and you already have a person who has defined what they are seeking.

Having a pre-qualified visitor means they are far more likely to engage with your business and convert into a customer!

People browsing through a magazine or paper might see your advert among all the others, however they are rarely looking for a specific product or service whilst doing this.

The information available in a print ad is limited by space and does not offer a chance to interact and connect immediately.

Cost effective webdesign vs print advertising

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, I am not saying that print advertising is useless – in fact, coupled with a well designed advert (where the web address is prominently displayed) it can be an effective marketing tool. It just isn’t as cost effective and I don’t believe it works for small businesses with limited budgets.

Big companies who have large budgets, that allow for ongoing branding campaigns and consistent advertising, will most likely be the ones who see a return on their investment.

For a small business this is not true. If a simple calculation is performed using the cost for a small advert (like the one mentioned above) you can see that a website would be a more cost effective way to spend your money.


With the savings of $723.00, a well managed and targeted online ad campaign could be created, giving your website the potential to reach well over 20 000 people who can interact on your website immediately – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

Part of the savings could also be used to fund your hosting costs for a year or two – hosting is relatively inexpensive and costs approximately $100 – $300 a year depending on your websites requirements.

I hope you found this post informative – if you would like more information please contact us.

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