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Web Design Toowoomba

Web Design ToowoombaWeb Design Toowoomba – We offer a remote custom website design service. The design is just one factor to consider when planning your business website. There are other important things to consider such as, who are my target audience? Your target audience are the people who you wish to sell your products or services to.

We consider all the important factors before designing your website. There is no point in having a beautiful website if it doesn’t work for your business! Designing a successful website for locally based businesses includes using the right keywords and descriptions along with an understanding of the target market.

All of our web designs are individually custom designed to suit our clients’ businesses – they look good but they also work. Finding the balance between a great looking website and one that works well for your business isn’t difficult; it just requires some forward planning.

When planning your website consider these important factors:

  • Overall Design – This is very important as the web design must reflect the nature of the business, for example a building and construction business won’t work with floral designs. Although this is an extreme example it gives you an understanding of the thinking behind designing your business website.
  • Content – Content is king! A lot of web designers overlook the need for explaining to their clients that the copy or text included on the website is the most important thing. Think of it like this, if your copy is engaging and interesting enough to make your visitors continue reading without any images or graphics you are more likely to generate a valuable lead from them. Adding images and graphics to this already engaging text will enhance their experience more.
  • Images and graphic content – After good copy the appropriate placement and use of great photography, well designed graphics and video is the icing on the cake of your business website. Appropriate placement means using images that are relevant to the product or service you are selling. If the website is for a make-up artist then a professional photograph of the bride on your wedding make-up page would be relevant. Always use professional photographs.
  • Contact forms – We don’t just place generic contact forms on our clients’ websites. We prefer to use a custom designed form that generates valuable leads, this is sometimes called lead generating capture. We work with our clients to discover the best way to implement this on their business website.

Hopefully there has been some useful information here for anyone thinking of setting up a business website in Toowoomba.

If you are going to start a business or you don’t have a website for your existing business contact us for a free quote

We are an Australian web design and multi media studio based on the Sunshine Coast, we have successfully helped people and businesses from all over Australia and around the world to get their business websites on-line at a reasonable price.

We offer a free consultation and can build your website within 7 Days of receiving your content!

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