Web Design In Rockhampton


Web Design In Rockhampton

We offer professional and affordable web design in Rockhampton. Although we are based on the Sunshine Coast we have rapidly grown our client base all over Australia through good service and affordable remote web design.

Considering a business website? What are the best web design practices for Rockhampton? Similar to building a website anywhere in Australia but there are some things to consider.

Smart Web design in Rockhampton

Who is your target audience? Are they living in Rockhampton or are you targeting a wider market? E-commerce websites will probably target a very diverse range of visitors while businesses offering a service are aiming at a more localised market.

Including all sorts of fancy widgets or bells and whistles is an easy mistake when building a new website but quite often simpler websites get more traffic.

Unnecessary content can be distracting to your customers and should be avoided, they don’t want to be entertained they usually just want more information about you, your service and your products.

Useful content that helps your customers understand more about your business is a good idea and can often provide you with a valuable sales generating lead.

Social media integration in web design

If you are local business looking for web design in Rockhampton then social media should not be ignored. We integrate social media into all of our web designs and encourage our clients to make full use of the powerful local networks that are available.

By using local groups who are on social media can grow your business quicker. It is also a good idea to think about advertising on Facebook, the chances of being found organically on Facebook are now virtually zero.

Facebook advertising is probably one of the cost effective ways to reach a huge targeted audience for very little financial outlay. One thing I must point out is that your ad campaign must be run properly and use professional graphics and photos.

Below are some important factors that you should consider when building your new website:-

  • Page loading speed – have you ever visited a webpage and got bored waiting for it to load? Customers don’t want to wait a lifetime to view your pages. To make sure your websites pages load quickly don’t use large images and unnecessary graphic content.
  • Navigation should be easy – possibly the most important factor! There is no point having the best looking site if it is not clear how to easily get from page to page. Planning how all your pages are going to flow and connect will allow for a better user experience – Take a view from your customer’s side – before you design and create your website.
  • Relevant and engaging content – Providing the right information is important, not just for your customers, but to help search engines like Google understand what your site is all about. An often overlooked but important area is the website content, make sure it is easy to read and full of relevant keywords which will help to increase your search rankings.

If you are starting a business or you don’t have a website please 

We are an Australian web design and multi media studio based on the Sunshine Coast, we have successfully helped people and businesses from all over Australia and around the world to get their business websites on-line at a reasonable price.

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