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Is Your Website Working For You

Is your website working for you? No matter what line of business you are in you need to know if you are getting any sales or enquiries from your website. Before we look at that we need to understand what your website is for. Is your website purely for information or is it an online e-commerce shop or are you selling a service or product? If you are providing information, your website will need to be relevant to the questions that your users [...]

Ecommerce Websites For Retail Business

Business owners who only have a bricks and mortar presence need to consider eCommerce websites for retail business - having a physical presence  is simply not enough to survive. Consumers have rapidly begun to stop seeing a distinction between shopping online and in a store. More often, physical retail outlets are being used as a  form of brand-building media . The  retail industry in America grew 2% in the first quarter of 2013, according to trend-tracking firm, comScore. Compare that statistic [...]