Why small business should take advantage of Facebook ads

Facebook ads

Why small business should take advantage of Facebook ads

Small businesses rarely have the budget to create advertising campaigns that reach thousands or millions of potential customers.

Big businesses have had the monopoly on this because they have the budgets to hire teams of people who identify their target market and work with different media outlets to target their advertising in these areas.

By targeting their advertising to people who are more likely to make a purchase they are getting a much better ROI.

Any business no matter the size should be considering the return on investment for any marketing or advertising campaign.

For example if you place an advertisement in a magazine, newspaper or television it is very difficult to measure the ROI accurately unless you have a specific offer available by mentioning the ad or using a coupon code.

Even if you are using an offer or code, it usually isn’t being recorded accurately or consistently. Advertising can be costly, especially for small businesses, and because of this they will often “try” an ad here and there with no consistency, and no real thought about the design.

Consistent advertising

Consistent advertising is the key to creating ongoing leads which generate sales because you service is being exposed to potential customers all the time.

Think of it like this, if your company repairs roof leaks your advertising will only be of interest to a customer when they have a leaking roof. What if that’s the week you aren’t in the newspaper or magazine? All the previous money spent on advertising has been a waste!

By consistently advertising you are always exposed, and when their roof leaks they will remember that they always see you ad and call you. The cost is what usually prevents smaller business from consistent adverting/marketing.

How can I afford consistent advertising?

One of the best ways is to use Facebook ads, there are many reasons why this form of advertising is good for small business which I have listed below:

  • Cost – You can set a daily budget that works for you
  • The ability to accurately measure ROI
  • You can use a technique called “re targeting” (previously only used by big advertising agencies)
  • Instant feedback/analytics available in real time, providing valuable feedback about your customers habits
  • Advertising can even be paused for times that you know your customers are not online
  • Using specific code that is placed in your website allows tracking of visitors for future re targeting

Check out the video below, or contact me for more details here.

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