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Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design


Understanding responsive web design can be confusing, and throughout 2014 more and more business owners have contacted us to find out exactly what responsive web design is. Before I explain this in more detail it’s important to note that responsive web design has become an industry standard. In fact, if your business does not have a responsive website you will most likely be losing 50% or more of your potential customers. So our advice is to ensure that your website is responsive for 2015 and beyond Ask for a quote now

What is responsive design?

Responsive Web DesignIt is a very different way of designing websites, representing the future. In fact, our website that you’re reading this article on is actually a responsive design!

To see how it works, open this article on your desktop browser and slowly make the browser thinner and wider by first minimising the page and then dragging the edges. You should see the layout magically adjust itself to more comfortably fit the new width of the browser, even if you make the page as skinny as the resolution of a mobile phone or tablet.

Why does my business need a responsive website?

Actually, a better question to ask might be, what problem does responsive web design solve? Well, quite simply it allows users with mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets to visit your website and view the content easily. Websites Without a responsive design will be difficult to navigate, will not display correctly and may force the user to constantly try and make adjustments to view the content. This is usually when they leave your website and go somewhere else, probably your competitors website.

With the explosion of smartphones and tablets capable of accessing the internet, people need to be able to browse the web on their tablets and smartphones with ease, just as they browse the web on a desktop computer. To cater for this, webdesigners started to build mobile versions of their websites, this wasnt the best idea because this effectively meant that 2 website needed to be built and maintained which was not cost effective.

Responsive webdesign allows us to create and maintain one website that fits multiple devices and screen sizes

The concept is different and has obviously meant that more thought has to be put into the layout of the content as well as considering certain types of media like flash for example, which wont play on an iPhone. Moving from a ‘traditional’ desktop website will require some changes, these should not be seen as compromises but rather as simplifying the layout of content to better suit different screen sizes. This process can often improve the desktop version of your website as unnecessary gimmicks and content are removed, which allows users find what they are looking for easier and quicker.

M Commerce in Australia

Responsive webdesign has created a new version of e commerce called ‘m commerce’ this is a huge market that is largely dominated by younger users. This cannot be ignored and in 2013 represented purchases of $4.9 billion exclusively through mobile devices, have look at the video below for an overview of ‘m commerce’ in Australia. Find out more about ‘m commerce in Australia here

If your business website is not responsive we offer a free, no obligation quote and report that will allow us to provide you with a cost effective solution. Please contact me if you have any questions, or would like to know more about responsive webdesign contact us

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