What Is A Content Managed Website Or CMS

What Is A Content Managed Website Or CMS What is a cms web site? CMS or a 'Content Management System' is very popular amongst website owners as it allows you to control and manage the content within your own web site - without any complicated training. By using this revolutionary but simple system you are able to easily make changes to the text in your website or add and delete images. The number of pages is unlimited and new pages can be [...]

Affordable WordPress Web Design In Perth

Web Design Perth Web design for Perth business Worx4u was our first website on the other side of Australia. We are very pleased with the design and have received very positive feedback from the owners of this custom designed website. Being able to produce exactly what our client wanted by establishing website design, colour and layout was the result of telephone and e-mail consultations. This is testament to the ability of producing a cost effective webdesign and professional website by careful [...]


Wedding Business Websites Sunshine Coast | Web Design

Wedding business websites Sunshine Coast - We have created websites for a growing number of clients from very different types of business, which has been both exciting and informative. The rapid growth in certain types of industry has meant that we as web designers have to be able to identify with the target market of our clients and apply our skills as web designers to ensure the websites we build are effective tools for our customers. Wedding business websites For example, the wedding industry has experienced [...]

Facebook uses new image format | webP vs jpeg

Facebook uses new image format Facebook has started using a new image format  called WebP it is a format from Google which could be part of a plan to lower its network costs and speed up its Web site. The move has angered some Facebook users. This will have quite an impact on photographers or artists who use Facebook to share their images with clients and to promote their work. When users upload JPEG photos, the social-networking juggernaut converts them into the new WebP [...]