Is Your Website Working For You


Is Your Website Working For You

is your website working for youIs your website working for you? No matter what line of business you are in you need to know if you are getting any sales or enquiries from your website.

Before we look at that we need to understand what your website is for. Is your website purely for information or is it an online e-commerce shop or are you selling a service or product?

If you are providing information, your website will need to be relevant to the questions that your users are asking, it could be a website about DIY around the home or planning a wedding. Either way, your website will need to appeal to your users and have the information they are looking for presented in an easy to find way, with other links that may be relevant as well.

If you are selling a service/product like a wedding celebrant or make up artist your clients will be looking for specific information about your services/products.

If your website is not being found by the major search engines you may need to take a look at how it is set up and what relevant information is available to your clients.

Most people use search engines these days, like Google, Bing or Yahoo – if your website is not being listed by these search engines you simply will not be using your website to its full potential.

If your competitors’ websites are being found and yours is not you are losing valuable opportunities. If you built your own website it may look good but is it working?

There is more to building a website than just having a good design, a lot of people are able to purchase inexpensive templates that are designed by professionals. These look good but it’s the way the content is placed and structured that will make the difference to how your website works for you!

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