Improving your websites speed can help your seo

Improving your websites speed can help your seo

Improving your websites speed can help your seo

Improving your websites speed can help your seo

Not many website owners will consider this, but improving your websites speed can help your seo quite a lot. Google uses a lot of different rules or factors when evaluating your website and one of these is speed.

If your website is slow and takes too long to load, you will most likely be losing out! Not only is this having a negative effect on your SEO but it is most likely driving your visitors away, probably to your competitors website.

There are some really excellent designs out there, and they are impressive, with animated text or animated slides that are designed to engage the visitor and prompt them into action – unfortunately this can have an adverse effect on the speed of the website – no one wants to wait ages for a webpage to load.

What can you do about this? There are a number factors to consider which I have listed below:

  • Your hosting may be the problem, in which case you might need to consider moving to a new host
  • You might have too many sliders or animations etc.. Consider trimming these down
  • Your website may simply need updating and is running slow due to outdated code/plugins

This is just a short list of possible areas where you can look, however there are other options that can help. One of these options is to install and setup caching using a plugin.

Caching is designed to store data so that it can be served faster, WordPress websites are dynamic by design and their content is created on the fly which takes time, especially if the hosting is shared, or if there are a lot of items to load.

When caching is implemented it allows for this content to be gathered and compiled into one smaller file for faster delivery. There are a lot of variables involved with caching, such as how often the pages are re-cached, obviously if a change is made to a webpage then it would require this to be “re-built” in the cache.

Installing and setting up caching software/plugins will require some tweaking and adjustment to get the best results, but once it is implemented it is automated.

I hope you found this information useful, and if you would like to set this up on your website please contact us

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