Facebook uses new image format | webP vs jpeg

Facebook uses new image format | webP vs jpeg

Facebook uses new image format

Canon-1DFacebook has started using a new image format  called WebP it is a format from Google which could be part of a plan to lower its network costs and speed up its Web site. The move has angered some Facebook users.

This will have quite an impact on photographers or artists who use Facebook to share their images with clients and to promote their work.

When users upload JPEG photos, the social-networking juggernaut converts them into the new WebP format. It has now also apparently started to deliver those images to people with browsers that can handle them, which today means opera and chrome.

Even if this is just a limited test, Facebook’s influence and scale could spell a major endorsement of Google’s image format.

The problems arise when it’s time for people to do something with those images beside look at them in their browser. Google has positioned WebP as an image format for the Web, at least to start, but when people save them to their hard drives, edit them, or reshare them, problems arise. Windows, OS X, Photoshop, and most other software can’t handle WebP

It appears that not everyone gets WebP images by default on Facebook right now. But curious people can scrutinize the images with a compatible browser.

You can read more about this here

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