Cost Effective Web Design In Australia

Cost Effective Web Design In Australia

Cost Effective Web Design In Australia

If you are the owner of a small business then the cost of  web design and development may be putting you off. Of course you can get “cheap web design” but that won’t pay off in the long run and in fact may even harm your business!

Having a poorly designed website means that any potential customer could be immediately put off your products or services, even if they are good. There are a number of factors that can affect a website and the first one that comes to mind is simply the design and layout.

Good web design and layout can be achieved by following a few simple rules:

  • Your website design should be uncluttered, pleasing and easy to look at.
  • Photos & graphics should be relevant, bright, clear & sharp. Professional photos are best – Read more…
  • Your business type should be clear immediately.
  • Your customer should be able to find what they want easily and quickly.

To apply the web design rules mentioned above requires some discussion and planning. Every industry is unique in some way and this has to be considered when considering the basics of the design.

For example the colour palette of your website may need to be considered if you are targeting a specific gender of customer, or a certain type of industry. For example pinks and purples with floral graphics will not appeal to the building and construction industry.

Above the fold

The layout should allow you to send your message or show your products and services above the fold. Above the fold means the visible area of the website without scrolling.


Above-the-foldAs you can see from our info graphic we have ensured the following are all above the fold: Click the image to enlarge.

  • The Branding/Logo of the website is prominently displayed.
  • The product or service message is highly visible.
  • We have used relevant high quality images.
  • The call to action is clearly visible.

The use of this technique ensures that visitors to your website are shown a clear message about your services or products right away.

The images should be of good quality and relevant to your product, they should also compliment the text and illustrate your type of industry.

The call to action should be easy to find and tell the visitor what to do, often this is overlooked but it is critical that you ask the visitor to take action.

The call to action on a website can be compared to a good sales person asking for the sale. If the sales person spends time explaining about the product and its’ benefits and then doesn’t ask if the customer would like to buy one they have wasted time, money and an opportunity!

The cost of building the website and making sure it is SEO friendly is lost if there is no call to action, this would not be cost effective web design.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

Cost effective web design in Australia means more than than having a “flashy” website that impresses visitors. SEOAlthough Australians are early adopters of technology we are also practical and when searching for something like a product or service we prefer to find it easily rather than be entertained on a website.

An important thing to consider is SEO or search engine optimisation – this means how easily your website is found by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing or others.

Some “flashy” websites are not well suited for SEO simply because the visual effects are not able to convey the relevant keyword information to the search engines or they simply take up the valuable real estate that could be used for product descriptions and calls to action.

If a website design uses a lot of images that are not optimised properly this will make the websites loading time slow, which is not good for SEO. The use of high quality well optimised images will ensure faster loading times and a great user experience.

Web design impacts on SEO in others areas as well, for example if a website is not mobile friendly this will be a negative factor for search engines such as Google, who are constantly wanting to improve their users web experience.

Mobile Responsive Webdesign

what-is-responsive-webdesignThe cost of not having a mobile responsive website far outweighs having a cheaper design that is not mobile friendly.

The amount of users visiting websites is continuing to increase, at the moment approximately 50% of all traffic is from a mobile device!

You simply cannot afford to ignore half of your potential customers, if they arrive at your website and it does not look good or is difficult to use on a mobile device they will simply leave and go to your competitors website!

This is not cost effective webdesign, and although you may think you are saving some money by getting a cheaper website that is not responsive you are actually costing your business money, this is due to the loss of half of your customers.

Any monies spent on marketing your business website through SEO, Pay Per Click , Google Adwords or print media is an additional loss if the visitors cannot use or view your website properly.

Ongoing Web Site Costs

The ongoing costs for a business website will be different depending on the type of business you are in, for example if you own an e-commerce shop your maintenance and hosting cost will be higher than a website for a business offering home maintenance.

This is because some websites need to be updated more often, in the example of the e-commerce shop which will need any new products to be added and prices may need to be updated regularly.

Hosting is relatively inexpensive but it is necessary as this is the space required to store your website and make it accessible to users on the web. The cost of hosting varies depending on your websites needs – Read more…

I might not have covered every aspect of this topic but I hope to have provided information that is useful to some people, please feel free to contact me if you have questions or would like to chat about Cost Effective Web Design In Australia Send me a message

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