Corporate Business Web Design

corporate business web design

Corporate Business Web Design


corporate business web designDesigning custom corporate websites for franchises, healthcare and executive businesses require knowledge of the intended audience.

We set up a meeting to be briefed on the requirements by our clients, who will then be shown a web design concept allowing for any changes to better suit their target demographic.

Our websites are responsive and have been tested to ensure compatibility with smart phones and tablets – having a mobile friendly website is important considering that more than ever before users are visiting websites from mobile devices.

The use of high quality images throughout websites further enhances the dynamic services offered by our clients. Professional photography is highly recommended and can be provided by along with the use of quality stock images.

Graphic design for certain elements throughout the website, as well as supporting print media, can be created in our studio and inspired by the colour scheme of our clients corporate colours.

The use of lead generating capture techniques is implements as this improves customer engagement, in turn leading to greater sales opportunities.

Corporate business websites are often used by people who are looking to improve their business sales and overall performance, this often means that visitors use their time carefully and realise how valuable this commodity is.

It is important to use a navigation system that allows users to find content that interests them quickly, we have implemented the websites navigation in such a way that it is easily used by both desktop and mobile users.

Here are some tips for anyone considering a website:

  • Have a clear understanding of your intended audience.
  • Do some research – look at web designs you think would suit your business type, ask your web designers opinion as well.
  • Think about what you want tell visitors to your website – is it a service or a product you are selling?
  • Prepare all of your content and text, this is probably one of the biggest bottlenecks when it comes to web design.
  • Have professional photographs taken or use high quality stock images. Always speak to your web designer first as the layout often dictates how photographs can be used.

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