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What is SSL and do I need it for my website?

What Is SSL and do I need it for my website? This is a question we get asked a lot, to give you the short answer, yes, you should have it for your website because it allows for secure data transfer between your website and users. Read the article below to get more information. Over the years, Google has been wanting to encourage all website owners to implement SSL certificates. SSL enables websites to be accessed securely via HTTPS, this [...]

What do I need to get a business website

What is the process involved in getting my business website up and running? We will ask if you have an ABN and are an Australian Registered Business or Company (you will need these to register your .com.au domain) We will check to see if your domain name is available for example www.yourwebsite.com.au We will recommend a suitable hosting plan for your website, we can also assist you with this if necessary – Read more Once you have a domain [...]

Web Design Sunshine Coast

Web design Sunshine Coast – We have already built a number of web sites for small and medium businesses on the Sunshine Coast. The feed back from our clients has been very positive. We are pleased to offer an affordable solution for webdesign to businesses on the Sunshine Coast. Webdesign on the Sunshine Coast has presented an opportunity for local businesses to grow. The ability to reach a greater audience, not just locally but interstate and internationally is testament to [...]

What Is A Content Managed Website Or CMS

What Is A Content Managed Website Or CMS What is a cms web site? CMS or a 'Content Management System' is very popular amongst website owners as it allows you to control and manage the content within your own web site - without any complicated training. By using this revolutionary but simple system you are able to easily make changes to the text in your website or add and delete images. The number of pages is unlimited and new pages can be [...]