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affordable-web-designBusiness Websites Sunshine Coast – Are you starting a business on the Sunshine Coast? No matter what type of business you are starting you will need a website. Building a  successful business website will need some planning and strategy. What type of products or services do you offer? Will your website need to have a shopping cart for visitors to make payments for products or services?

It may be that your website serves as an interactive brochure allowing customers to see your products and find out more about your services, including prices. These are all questions that will need to be answered to allow for an effective website development plan to be put in place.

The rapid growth in certain types of industry means that we as web designers have to identify with the target market of our clients so as to provide a website that suits their specific needs. Having a website that is designed with a floral feel and using bright colours would not work for an accountants firm. Although this example is extreme, it does illustrate what the thought process should be when it comes to web design specifics for any given business website.

Using templates or build it yourself websites do not provide a professional looking website, and rarely will they be of any real value for your business. Some of the reasons they simply aren’t as effective as a professionally designed custom website are:

  • They lack the ability to allow specific features unique to your business
  • They often look “back yard” and don’t convey a professional look
  • Your website is not unique as often 100’s or even 1000’s of other people could be using the same template
  • The very important SEO capabilities are diminished by a lack of targeted design and poorly written copy
  • Do it yourself websites are usually hosted on their server using their domain name, which means you are going to struggle to ever be found by search engines

If you are not serious about using your website as one of the most valuable tools for your business you are losing out in a very substantial way. If your website is not found and your competitors is you have lost a valuable opportunity and maybe even a life long client. Visit our portfolio pages to see some of recent work or have a look at this Sunshine Coast business website here.

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