Best Web Designs


Best Web Designs

Best Web DesignsWhat are the best web designs? The answer is subject to what type of business you are in, among a host of other factors.

An important factor to consider when it comes to web design and SEO is if your business sells products, services or a combination of both.

Below we have provided some useful information and tips for you to consider when deciding on the best website design for your business.

Web Design Plan

From a web design perspective, using visual components that reflect your business effectively and engage the visitor are vital. Humans are visual creatures, 90% of information transmitted to our brains is visual, these visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in our brain than text.

Using good photographs and graphic elements is the best way of engaging your visitors, encouraging them to read on and interact with you via lead generating pages and contact forms.

SEO and Web Design

SEO or search engine optimisation is probably the most important factor when considering a business website. SEO can be briefly explained as follows:

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing analyse  the content of millions website daily, this information is stored and used for comparison when someone performs a search.

The search is based on a complex set of rules, however keeping it in its simplest form it looks for relevant and/or useful information based on what the user has searched. For example if you sell beach balls and a user searches for beach balls the website that has the term beach balls along with some additional relevant information will rank higher than one which only has the term beach balls.

How does web design fit in with SEO? In terms of the use of images and graphic elements they should also be relevant and contain appropriate keywords and descriptions that are relevant to your chosen keyword description.

In the example of the beach balls above, it would be beneficial to have an image of beach balls with the appropriate keyword description and tag. This would apply especially in the case of an online shop or eCommerce website.

Ecommerce Web Design

eCommerce-Website If you are selling products online all of the above would still be relevant, however other design considerations would need to be met.

The website should be easy to navigate using a mobile, laptop or desktop computer alongside an efficient search system allowing users to find products easily.

Ecommerce websites must have the ability to display the product and description along with an option to buy or add to a shopping cart easily.

The call to action or buy now buttons should be highly visible in all areas of the website next to all products.

Having the option for users to save their shopping cart allowing them to return at a later time to continue browsing is also recommended.

Having an eCommerce website with a back end that is easy for website owners to administrate is equally as important. Always consider the following:

  • Having the ability to record sales history
  • Building a database of customers
  • Option to email specials or a newsletter to all customers
  • Manage and monitor stock levels
  • Set up and implement sales easily
  • Create coupons and codes on the fly

There are a number of very well designed eCommerce platforms available and each has its pros and cons, some are better suited for certain applications than others. To see an example of an eCommerce website selling wedding accessories please visit Wedding Secret

We hope you have found this information useful, if you would like to know more or would like to speak with us about your web design project please contact us

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